Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNoWriMonday (1)

Word Count: 0/50000
Day: -1/30
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Like many other bloggers, I am participating in this year's National Novel Writing Month for the first time. I thought it would be fun to touch base each week and see how everyone is progressing, as well as cheer each other on!

NaNoWriMo doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, and we're not allowed to begin writing yet -- but I know there's a lot of plotting and outlining and brainstorming going on! I've been doing lots of research on the fey for the novel I'm planning (I loooove the fey). It's an idea I've had floating around in my head for a while, but it's evolved so much since then that it's hardly recognizable as the original idea! Just last night, I completely changed the arc of the plot -- but I'm really satisfied with where it's going now.

I pretty much know the plot of my novel, but I still have something kind of important to do before the month officially begins: Choose a name for the heroine!


She has silver eyes and blond hair, and is fierce with a sword.

None of the names I've narrowed it down to seem quite right. She's fey, so I wanted something a little different: Aurora, Luz, Luce, Regan, Aspen, Bryony, Dahlia, Branwen, Thalli, Wick, Thalia, Aemilia, Lichen, Aurelia, Ella, Nissa.

Decisions, decisions! What do you think? Do any of those names seem like a good fit? Do you have another suggestion? (Thanks to everyone who made suggestions on Twitter!)

I'm also using Evernote to keep track of my notes and ideas, and MS Word for the writing. I tried out Scrivener and yWriter, but I just don't understand them -- where do you do the actual WRITING within those programs? Maybe I'm just missing something.

A lot of authors have great writing advice out there. Each week I'll share some links to tips I found particularly insightful.

What about you guys -- is this your first year? What genre will you be writing? Where are you in your NaNo prep? What program do you use to write?

Want to be NaNo buddies? Leave me your username or a link to your profile! You can add me at The_BookishType.

There are also a couple of great link lists where you can find NaNo buddies and add your own links:

If you'd like to do a NaNoWriMonday post of your own, go right ahead! Just come back and link to it in the comments so we can check it out!

Let the NaNo-ing commence!

PS -- Happy Halloween!


Shannon Young said...

I'm doing Nanowrimo for the first time too. I'm writing a travel memoir instead of a novel, but I'm hoping Nano will help me stay motivated.

I like the names Regan, Aspen, and Wick on your list. Good luck this month!

Julia said...

I like Aurelia.
Good luck on your novel.

Jan von Harz said...

Best wishes on the writing. I love fae stories too and will be looking forward to update. After seeing your graphic and reading your description of your protagonists I immediately thought Steely would be a strong name for your girl (a little play on the seely court and the fact that she wields a mean sword, but I also like Aurelia and Wick.

Ria said...

Of all the names, I rather like Thalia the most. It's creative and original without being really obvious. :)

I think this is my ninth year doing NaNo, and I'm anxious for it to start. I'm doing something a little different than my usual fantasy novel this year, and taking a dip into anime-inspired gender-crossing romance. Not my usual fare, but the idea is likely to be amusing enough to write. Of course, I'm mostly doing this because it's the only idea of the three I was juggling that seems to have solidified in my mind properly. It's always this way for me; too many ideas and when it comes down to the wire, I have to choose from them because they all want to be written!

Best of luck with NaNo! We can cheer each other on!

Anne said...

I love love LOVE that picture! So pretty! As for name, I'd need more about the character herself before I decided on name, as I often choose names for meaning as well as "ooh shiny/pretty!" I've added you as a writing buddy, and if you want to nanomail me and chat about it, I'd love to! =) I need people to help keep me accountable and I'd be happy to return the favor =D

I actually downloaded the Nano trial of Scrivener and I'm loving it so far! Then again, I'm a geek and I actually went through the whole tutorial document step by step. But, I know feel kind of knowledgeable (despite only a day's experience) and I might be able to answer your questions. For example, in scrivener, you always type straight into the window where your manuscript shows up - just click into it and get typing =)

I've already kind of decided that I will use Fridays as my Nanowrimo update days on my blog, so I may not always post on Mondays, but I might do a post up today for pre-nano-ness. Can't do it till later though so I'll come back and leave a link, k?

(Sorry for the miles long comment, I'm just so excited for NaNo this year! I'm also procrastinating my prewriting lol!)

DforDarla said...

This is going to be my second year doing NaNo. I failed last year, but I think that's because I didn't know enough about my story.

So I spent most of last year outlining. This year will hopefully be different.

I really like Aurelia for a name. Good luck on your novel!

Burgandy Ice said...

I'm so excited to start NaNoWriMo this year, too!! Last year I bombed out like DforDarla commented - mostly b/c I was WAY too busy and got completely sidetracked. I figured out a whole outline last night, jumping up at odd times to make notes. hahahaha

barmybex said...

This is my 2nd year - looking forward to it.
I'm going to write a children's fantasy.
I've added you as a buddy on NaNo - my user is 'Barmy_Bex'

I like Bryony as a name, :D

Marie said...

This is my second year doing NaNoWriMo. I've written out my key scene, now I just need to figure out everything before and after it. I had the whole month of October to outline and now I just have... today lol.

For some reason the name Wick stood out to me than the rest!

KEW said...

How fun! I am "un-officially" doing Nanowrimo this year. I have a current WIP that I have to keep working on and I know all Nanowrimo stuff has to be totally new. But I want to stay up to date with everyone doing Nano and use it as motivation to write LOTS this month :)

I like Wick, Aurelia, and Thalia. Ella is one of my all time favorite names just in general :)

Good luck and thanks for sharing!!

Anne said...

Finally got a NanowriMonday post up =)

SusanKMann said...

Good luck sweetie x

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

Good luck, everyone! I hope Day 1 is treating you well!

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