Friday, July 22, 2011

Calling All Librarians!

I'm approaching my senior year of college (eep!), so lately I've been thinking about the various career paths I might take. One of the options I'm considering is being a librarian, and I've come to realize that I actually don't know all that much about what librarians do. I thought it might be interesting for my readers (as well as helpful for me) to interview a few librarians around the book blogosphere. So...

If you're a librarian and are willing/would like to be interviewed, please shoot me an email! In your email, please include what kind of librarian you are (teen, acquisitions, school, public, etc) so that I can try to tailor my questions to your experience.

I'd also love to interview other book professionals -- publishers, publicists, agents, book buyers, book sellers, etc. So if your job has anything to do with books and you'd like to participate, please email me!

Thanks! I really look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


Rebecca said...

I do NOT recommend going to library school. I'm almost done with my MLIS, and there really aren't any jobs out there. I know librarians who have been stuck in library assistant positions for YEARS.

I would love to be a librarian, but I so wish I had saved my money. I wish someone had told me to do something else with my life...


When you interview librarians could you ask them what they think about the current job market in libraries?

Ria said...

I plan on starting a library technician course this coming January. It's not quite as cool as being a librarian, but it gives me access to a better job market than what I've got right now, and incorporates all of the stuff that I amounted to the reason I wanted to be a librarian as a kid in the first place! It may not be glamourous, but I think it's better suited to me than my current line of work, so I'm going to go for it!

barmybex said...

Great idea.
I work as a Library Assistant, but have been thinking about training as a librarian for ages. Hope you get a good response. :D

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