Friday, June 17, 2011

Cover Art Revealed: Back Cover of The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

I recently did a post about the front cover reveal for the fourth Iron Fey novel, The Iron Knight. On Wednesday, Julie Kagawa also revealed the back cover art -- and I think it's worth another post because it features my favorite faery prankster! Check it out:

Gah, he's perfect, isn't he?! I love the expression on his face -- it's so Puckish. Plus, he's got a kind of exotic look that I imagine the fey to have. I do wish his hair was more fiery though. Apparently this book is going to be all about BOTH of the Iron Fey boys -- I can't wait!!!

What do you think? Is this your idea of Puck?

Here's the front cover, if you need a reminder:

Still no synopsis -- Julie says she and HarlequinTeen are planning something special =) I'll keep you guys posted!


Small Review said...

Yay for Puck! I'm so happy he's getting some cover time. :) Sooo much more accurate to how I imagine him than the Ash cover model.

Lauren M said...

Yeah, I imagined Puck to have more vibrant hair, but otherwise he looks fantastic! Love his face--he looks so exotic! Haha.

bibliophile brouhaha said...

Ohhh, I like the front but that back jacket is creeping out a little - reminds me of Macaulay Culkin's look on promo posters for 'The Good Son', you know? Or the creepy kid in the Omen movies.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Lauren...The Puck in my head has, like, RED hair haha It could be mistaken for flames. (But I guess that would be hard to find lol)

Precious said...

Love the eyes! But like the other readers, I also imagined Puck with red hair!

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