Thursday, June 2, 2011

BEA 2011: Brilliant. Exhausting. Awesome.

Honestly, there is no way to fully encapsulate the incredible, amazing madness that is BEA. But I'm going to try.

BEA in a nutshell:
  • Getting up at the crack of dawn
  • Walking miles around NYC
  • Carrying a billion pounds of books
  • Standing in never-ending lines
  • Meeting dozens of your favorite authors
  • Being mind-blown and starstruck and having an amazing time

On Monday, we (Lindsi, Farrah, Britney and I) scoped out Javits and knew we'd found our home:

Then we walked around NYC for HOURS:

New York Public Library, what else?
Why yes, that IS a Lego model of Hogwarts.
Farrah and I played on the FAO Schwarz piano from the movie Big. After Britney and I nearly fell down the escalator in a fit of Tom Hanks love.

And finally we hit the Teen Author Carnival that night, featuring SO MANY AWESOME AUTHORS. Susane Colasanti was hilarious. I will definitely be reading her books now. Courtney Allison Moulton was so much fun, Kody Keplinger and Andrea Cremer were incredibly sweet (and Andrea totally quoted Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the panel -- win). David Levithan, Scott Tracey, Michelle Hodkin, Michelle Zink, Elizabeth Scott, and many, MANY more were there. Check out the full list here. I got a signed copy of Where She Went by Gayle Forman. I thought was going to faint.

I fail at LIFE because I didn't take pictures. I don't know what I was thinking! I'm especially sad I didn't take one with the awesome Andrea Cremer.

Tuesday was D-Day, and we got up crazy early after little sleep and stood in line with hundreds of people waiting for the doors to open.

Me and Lindsi. Sitting. Waiting.
Then the stampede to the Scholastic booth to grab Forever ARCs began. AND THEN the parade of awesome that was meeting my favorite authors began. Two words: Sarah. Dessen.

I tried not to fangirl all over her.
She is my favorite. I have read all her books, including the most recent one, and they are all amazing. Plus, she's just a very down-to-earth person -- I love reading her blog.

Ally Carter
Two more words: Uncommon Criminals. Score! Have you read Heist Society? Because it is hilarious.

Lisa Desrochers
I missed her at TAC! Fail. So I made sure to see her at BEA. We worked together during Fall into Fantasy last year, so it was awesome (I am really overusing that word) putting faces with screennames. I also scored Original Sin, which I can't wait to read because Personal Demons was HOT.

Melissa de la Cruz

I also met bloggers!

Lauren from 365 Days of Reading -- one of my favorites!
Lauren and I had difficulty tracking each other down in the chaos, and ultimately we ended up randomly bumping into each other. I was really glad to meet her -- we've worked together several times, and she's awesome.

Wednesday brought more awesome. (Again with the a-word.)

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer panel with Michelle Hodkin and The Story Siren!
I scored a Mara Dyer ARC on Tuesday (my primary BEA goal) after showing up CRAZY EARLY to the BEA Editors Buzz Panel and making puppy dog eyes at my new favorite publicist, Anna. It was SO WORTH IT, y'all. If you follow me on Twitter, you've seen my squeeing.

So, of course, meeting the fabulous Michelle Hodkin totally rocked my socks:

Thank God for Michelle's brother, or I would have been too busy fangirling to remember to take a picture. I'm also rockin' the snazzy Mara Dyer t-shirt that the awesome Frankie so kindly gave me.  

And there was NO WAY Lindsi and I were missing Julie Kagawa.

I've heard rumors that this lady kicks butt.

The madhouse HarlequinTeen hour also featured Gena Showalter and Kady Cross!
And Maria V. Snyder

We also got to Javits crazy early Wednesday morning to snag tickets for the one and only Scott Westerfeld. I think his Uglies series was the first dystopian I ever read. I owe him.

Y'all. Y'ALL. It's Scott Westerfeld.
Melissa Marr
The week was also packed with extra signings, and that night was the Class of 2K11 signing at Books of Wonder!
Amy Fellner Dominy, Kiki Hamilton, Christina Mandelski
Gahhh I want The Faerie Ring SO BAD. And they ran out at BEA =(

Christina Mandelski, Gae Polisner, Geoff Herbach, Angie Smibert 
After listening to Gae Polisner read from The Pull of Gravity, I HAD to buy it for her to sign. Geoff Herbach was also hilarious -- seriously, he must have been an actor in a past life. Angie Smibert was a part of the Cornucopia of Dystopia event and she was beside me on the train ride home Saturday!

Angie Smibert, Alissa Grosso, Amy HolderBettina Restrepo, Trinity Faegen, Sheila O'Conner, Carole Estby Dagg
I had to translate the Spanish in Illegal by Bettina Restrepo for Lindsi haha. I snagged The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen (btw, how awesome is that name?) at BEA and have been excited for it for ages now! The cover is gorgeous. Amy Holder was cute and shy about reading from The Lipstick Laws, and The Year We Were Famous by Carole Estby Dagg sounds like a really interesting read! It's about her ancestors who walked all the way across the US -- and they sound fierce!

Thursday there was a mad dash for Maureen Johnson.

Maureen Johnson! The Name of the Star!
While waiting in line for Maureen, we also ran into Laurie Halse Anderson (I know, right?!)

Laurie and Lindsi
Lisa McMann. I loooved Cryer's Cross, and The Unwanteds sounds amazing -- like Harry Potter meets The Hunger Games.
Only a tiny, TINY fraction of Javits.
The autographing area
More Javits
Thursday night was the awesome to end all awesome: Maggie Stiefvater, Libba Bray and Meg Cabot at the Scholastic This is Teen event.

Farrah, Lindsi, Me, Britney, and Yani, chillin' with Harry Potter at the Scholastic store before the VIP event and signing.

What is truly mind-blowing is that a group of bloggers got to hang out upstairs with Maggie, Meg and Libba before the signing.

The incredible view from upstairs at the Scholastic Store
Meg Cabot. MEG. CABOT.
Maggie Stiefvater. I <3 her.
Libba Bray. Sparkle Ponies, unite!
Maggie and Meg. Answering questions. Hilariously.
Maggie's dad: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" 
Little Maggie: "I want to be a writer!" 
Maggie's dad: "Oh. So you want to be poor." 
(Haha, Dad. Haha.)

Libba. More hilarity.
The incredibly awesome writer/blogger Frankie.
Friday, we went to Book Blogger Con and tried to stay awake because we were EXHAUSTED. I got to meet Chelsy from Big Honcho Media, who I work with frequently, which was awesome -- as well as Eileen from St. Martin's! There was also a really informative panel featuring some of the big six publishers -- like Penguin and HarperCollins.

Afterwards we hit Central Park and Strawberry Fields so I could pay homage to my favorite Beatle, John Lennon.

The Dakota. Where Lennon was assassinated.
Lindsi and me
Strawberry Fields Forever

And finally we found our way to the pier.

We really lucked out in the roommate department. Lindsi, Farrah, Me, Britney.

I had an amazing time, meeting authors and bloggers I've worked with, and ones I've just admired from afar. Even though I'm thoroughly jet-lagged, and spent all day Sunday asleep, I am SO GLAD I went. It was like finding your long-lost tribe. We all instantly had things to talk about, even though we'd never met. How rare is that?

And of course there's the books. I'll do a wrap-up of what I was lucky enough to snag in my In My Mailbox post this week. I need a new bookshelf (or two).


barmybex said...

WOW, that was the best BEA review I have read, so much detail and information, and it's made me more determined than ever to get there next year.

I'm glad you had an Awesome :D, if not exhausting time.
Shame about the pictures. but we can't have it all :P

Thanks for the great review.

The Library Owl said...

I agree with bex, this is the best BEA review I've seen and it looks like you had a fantastic time. I live in the UK so no BEA for me :( which is why I love these posts and I can't wait for The Name Of The Star!

Bailey said...

I always love reading BEA posts! Sounds like you had an amazing time!! =D

The Lovely Getaway said...

looks like you had a BLAST! Safe to say BEA was a success! :) I was lucky to meet Farrah at a book event out here in CA, she is such a lovely person, and so fun!


Lauren M said...

Wow, what a great recap! I love that you took a ton of pictures! (I wish I had taken more!)

It was so awesome to finally meet you! :)

Aylee said...

SO jealous but LOVE the pictures. Definitely Awesome.

danya said...

Sounds like it was exhausting but well worth it!! So totally jealous of all those authors you met. (MEG CABOT!)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh. My. Goodness! I remember how big Javits center is from when I was there for Comic Con. But this sounds like it was one amazing day! I HAVE HAVE HAVE to get to this next year. Or find a way some how to take the days off work. So much fun here! Thank you for sharing it all with us. :)

Loren Chase said...

I LOVED this post! It really is one of the best BEA posts I've read so far. And you had more pictures than many others! I love how detailed you were and it really gave me the perspective I needed to make the decision to go next year! Great post! ;)


Danny said...

Awesome Recap!!!!!!!! It was great meeting you at BEA and I still think our table at the author speed dating with Kate, Eileen, Lindsi, pushy you and me rocked!!!

BookGeek said...

Awesome recap and great pics! I HAVE to go next year now. No doubt about it.

Lori said...

These are the best pictures I have seen! Now I feel like I was there! :)

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