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Waiting on Wednesday: Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

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Coming September 2011!

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

Braden Michaels wears his sunglasses at night. And at the movies. And in the shower. Raised by his warlock uncle and taught to use magic, he suffers from a deadly curse: the witch eyes. He sees everything that normal eyes filter out: history and memory; love and pain; magic and darkness. The mind was not meant to process so much information, though, and the power is killing him slowly. The only thing saving his sanity are the sunglasses he always wears.

Then the visions reveal a dark threat on the horizon. Braden runs away to Belle Dam, the city where the threat originated, and is immediately swept up into the town’s mysterious feud. Two rival magical families have divided the town into a personal chessboard of scheming and machinations, and Braden is their latest pawn. As he tries to avoid their manipulations, and see the truth behind his return to Belle Dam, he has a choice to make. One side, or the other. Ignite the feud, or end it. Sacrifice himself, or someone else. Live, or die.

I'm loving the song in that trailer.

First of all, snaps for the Corey Hart reference. Second of all, this book sounds amazing! SO original. I love this line in particular: "He sees everything that normal eyes filter out: history and memory; love and pain; magic and darkness." Can you imagine? For some reason, this kind of ability always fascinates me -- being able to see things that are intangible, like memory and pain. There's something poetic about it. Then there's the feud. Feuds can be such great literary devices (Montagues and Capulets, anyone?) and I love the idea of the town as a chessboard. How is Braden related to the feud? Why is he such a crucial player? What are they fighting for? This novel just sounds chilling and dark and imaginative -- and if that cover doesn't catch your eye, I don't know what will. (Er, no pun intended...)

What future release are you eagerly awaiting this week?

Description from Goodreads.


BLHmistress said...

LOL every time I see this cover it freaks me out with those eyes. But I do want to read this one badly.

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Rie Conley said...

I usually won't read anything that has a male lead, but this seems promising. Added to TBR. Thanks for recommending!


Kamery said...

This sounds awesome! I'm going to hop over to Goodreads to give it a look! Oh! I just saw you're reading Blood of the White Witch too! I'm the model on the official cover for that!(Lacey is my mom!):D So cool! Hope you like it! I'm new to blogging, so I'm a new follower of yours!
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Jan von Harz said...

A whole lot going on in this one and I am intrigued by his falling in love with the enemy's son too. Definitely a book I am waiting on. Great WoW!

Little Miss Becky : ) said...

This one really looks creepy! Definitely going to be on the look out for it when it comes out!

Christina T said...

I hadn't heard of this but it sounds fantastic! Great pick!

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

Wow, haven't heard of this one - Thanks for letting me know about it! :D Great pick!

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Sally Sapphire said...

Okay, if this didn't already sound interesting enough, the Corey Hart reference sold me!

I have 3 picks in my WOW this week . . . just because I'm greedy.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh...those eyes are so spooky! What an intriguing story....

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Joyce said...

I am looking forward to this book as well! It's going to be gooooood!

SusanKMann said...

Sounds good x

Moonlight Gleam said...

Great choice!! Really cool! I haven't heard of this one yet so Thank you for sharing!

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Scott said...

Thank you so much for featuring WITCH EYES! I love that everyone loves the Corey Hart reference. :)

I Read Banned Books said...

Okay...that eye bit freaks me out! Wow!

Mysteriousrose said...

This book sounds so great!
Thank you for sharing.
I'm a new follower^^


DJL said...

Amazingly, this one is on our current collection list for the library, and judging by everyone's reactions, it's very likely we'll be adding it to the collection! :D I'm excited about this story and curious to see just how the feud and Braden's situation will be resolved...if at all.

Here's my WOW. Happy reading!

BookGeek said...

I've been wanting to read a good book with a male lead lately and this looks AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

Rummanah Aasi said...

That cover is definitely creepy, but I'm interested in the book and going to put it in my tbr pile.

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