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Review: Glimpse by Stacey Wallace Benefiel & Giveaway

Zellie Wells has always had a thing for Avery Adams -- and luckily for her, the feeling is mutual. So when Avery leads her to the dance floor at her 16th birthday party, Zellie thinks she's in seventh heaven. Until the vision hits. Pulled inexorably through time far into their future, Zellie watches her older, pregnant self screaming over Avery's bleeding body. Though she tries to deny the impossible truth, she can't banish the fear that something is horribly wrong -- and when her mother forbids her to ever see him again, her worst suspicions are confirmed. Zellie must choose between letting the nightmarish vision come to pass, or forever severing all ties with the man she's fated to love.

In Glimpse, Stacey Wallace Benefiel paints a very realistic portrait of teenage life. Zellie is a relatable heroine, going through all the awkwardness of first love and growing up. The decision to alternate points-of-view between Zellie and Avery is a nice touch, showing truthfully that everyone feels self-conscious at this age. The alternating perspectives also give some believability to the fast-paced love story, allowing the reader to see how far back the attraction goes and making it impossible not to get caught up in the whirlwind romance. The overwhelming sense of fate that drives the novel is both beautiful and tragic, strongly reminiscent of "Romeo and Juliet," but with a streak of the supernatural. Glimpse blends darkness and light, tragedy and romance in a fascinating interplay. The young love is compelling and impassioned, made even more so by the storm clouds threatening their happy ending. However, the preternatural rules that govern this world are sometimes unclear and it's hard to know what to believe about the devastating vision at the heart of the novel.

Alongside the couple is Zellie's best friend Claire, one of the most vibrant characters in the novel. Claire is a refreshing counterpoint to Zellie's insecurities, showing someone who is unique and comfortable in her own skin. However, the adult contingent is appalling. This truly is a novel to empower the second generation because the adults behave like children: they are selfish and apparently hellbent on ruining each other's lives. The way they treat their children is especially horrifying, and makes the reader appreciate what well-adjusted kids they turned out to be, no thanks to their parents. This novel has an unusual flow, with the climax seeming to come in the middle of the novel -- however, Benefiel still has plenty of surprises up her sleeve, and the twists and turns this star-crossed saga takes will leave readers stunned.


Come back February 25 for a guest post with Stacey Wallace Benefiel!

Giveaway [CLOSED]

As part of the Teen Book Scene tour, Stacey Wallace Benefiel is giving away a set of ebook copies of Glimpse and the sequel Glimmer to one lucky reader of each blog! Every person who enters will also be put into a grand prize drawing for a set of paperback copies!

To recap:

  • (1) one winner will receive ebook copies of Glimpse and Glimmer by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
  • Each entrant will be entered in the grand prize drawing for a set of paperback copies
  • Open Internationally
  • Ends 2/25/11 at noon EST

To enter:

  • Leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win, and answer the following question:
What is your favorite star-crossed love story? 
(This can be a book, a movie, a play, a historical couple, anything...)

Good luck!


Bookadicea said...

My favorite star-crossed love story is the story of Fallen by Lauren Kate...

clarissa.bulatao at

Norida Hanim said...

Other Words for Love by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal became my favorite star-crossed love story.. :)
Thank for this opportunity and great giveaway!!
Please enter me!!


Vivien said...

My favorite starcrossed lovers is Sam and Grace from Shiver.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Cade Crowley said...

My favorite star-crossed love story is Romeo & Juliet, because I've always been a big Shakespeare fan :)


♥ttlyoverit17♥♪ said...

There's no other answer for me than Tristan + Isolde <3

lisa :) said...

Well, I'm a sucker for happy endings so I don't always like the starcrossed love stories that end tragically. The closest I can think of that I really adore is Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series. I love how they start as enemies, become friends, and then end up together!

Thanks for the giveaway, the book sounds really intriguing!

Books and Bane said...

Eric and Sookie? LOL. So shoot me.

OUCH! Hey!

nedsped (at) verizon (dot) net

Alkaski said...

I would have to say Othello and Desdemona from Shakespeare's "Othello". These characters truly love each other; however, societal restraints and the plotting antagonist ruin whatever shot at happiness these two had.

lauralynnelliott said...

My favorite star crossed lovers are Spike and Buffy. Some people may not consider them star crossed, but there were definitely some issues there.

Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape) said...

I didnt know which to choose, since I honestly don't know what exactly make a pair of lovers star-crossed, I think I only know Romeo and Juliet as star crossed lovers -_- but for now, Spike and Buffy is my favourite I guess, after reading the comment above. :D

feeyonachan at gmail dot com

oriana said...

my fav..right now the story of The Time Traveler's Wife its one of my favourite...

thanks for this giveaway!

Nicole Loves Coacoa said...

My favorite is Sam and Grace from Shiver!!!


Diana said...

My favorite star-crossed love story is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy by
Pride and Prejudice.

artgiote at gmail dot com

winnie said...

Favourite star-crossed love story would be Romeo and Juliet.


CAsanmiguel said...

my favorite star-crossed love story: clary an jace from the mortal instruments :)

Tura Lura said...

I've loved the story of Romeo and Juliet since reading it way back when, during my freshman year of high school. But, I think I have a new favorite pair of star-crossed lovers:

Ethan and Lena from the Caster Chronicles


luraj2612@gmail DOT com

Kristina said...

My favorite star-crossed lovers story is Anafiel Delaunay and Prince Rolande De la Courcel, if you haven't read Jacqueline Carey's Kushiels Dart you will have no idea who these to lovers are. But I love their sad story that JC wrote in an anthology call Songs of Love and Death. If you haven't read her she is a must read!

JerseyGirl22 said...

My favourite love story is the one between Orpheus and Eurydice.It's absolutely amazing how Orpheus went to hell to search her.

Precious said...

My favorite book is Shiver and from this book comes my fave star-crossed couple - Sam and Grace!

Thank you for this contest!

Ana Lucia said...

My favorite star-crossed love story is Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy.


lexisjen said...

The first and best example that comes to mind is Romeo and Juliet. Not only did Shakespeare do a fantastic job, but the story's adaptations since then have shed light on many different aspects.

My email is


Flo said...

reading the other comments i see i'm not the only one loving Tristan & Isolde story...8D

Dinda said...

My favorite star-crossed love story is Romeo & Juliet...


IdentitySeeker said...

My favourite starcrossed lovers are Jacinda and Will in Firelight by Sophie Jordan.


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