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In My Mailbox: December 27, 2010 - January 2, 2011

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For Review:

Rising Shadow by Jacquelyn Wheeler

Part of Teen Book Scene Tours

Ashlyn Woods has just transferred to one of the most beautiful campuses on the west coast, where she can't wait to start her life over as a normal college student. But her plans take an unexpected turn when she discovers that she is a Soterian: a person who develops special powers when the balance of good and evil shifts too far in evil's favor.

Soon she and the other Soterians are studying martial arts and learning to use their powers to prevent California from being plunged into chaos. But they quickly discover that they're up against a much more dangerous enemy than they anticipated.

And when Ashlyn meets Kai, a devastatingly gorgeous guitar player, she realizes she must sacrifice more than she ever imagined.

Coffee at Luke's: An Unauthorized Gilmore Girls Gabfest

Thanks to Smart Pop Books!

In the fall of 2000, Gilmore Girls premiered on the WB and viewers were introduced to the quirky world of Stars Hollow and the Gilmores who had made it their home, mother-daughter best friends Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Coffee at Luke's is the perfect look at what made the show such a clever, beloved part of the television landscape for so long.

What are the risks of having your mother be your best friend? How is Gilmore Girls anti-family, at least in the traditional sense? What’s a male viewer to do when he finds both mother and daughter attractive? And how is creator Amy Sherman-Palladino like Emily Gilmore? From the show’s class consciousness to the way the characters are shaped by the books they read, the music they listen to and the movies they watch, Coffee at Luke's looks at the sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking underpinnings of smart viewer’s television staple, and takes them further into Stars Hollow than they’ve ever been before.

A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series

Thanks to Smart Pop Books!

Fans of the literary phenomenon known as the Twilight series can’t help wanting more. A New Dawn gives it to them, inviting readers to join some of their favorite YA authors as they look at the series with fresh eyes and fall in love with Edward, Bella and the rest of Forks, Wash., all over again.

Edited by bestselling author Ellen Hopkins, A New Dawn is packed with the same debates readers engage in with friends: Should Bella have chosen Edward or Jacob? How much control do Meyer’s vampires and werewolves really have over their own lives? The collection also goes further: Is Edward a romantic or a (really hot) sociopath? How do the Quileute werewolves compare to other Native American wolf myths? What does the Twilight series have in common with Shakespeare? With contributions from Megan McCafferty, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine and many more, A New Dawn answers these questions and more for a teen (and adult!) audience hungry for clever, view-changing commentary on their favorite series.

A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls: Your Favorite Authors on The Vampire Diaries

Thanks to Smart Pop Books!

A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls brings together today’s best YA writers of the supernatural to talk about the first season of The Vampire Diaries: the characters, the storyline, the magic, the town. From a history of the Salem’s witches from whom Bonnie is descended to family therapy for brothers Stefan and Damon, the anthology is guaranteed to keep the show's viewers entertained—and make them see Mystic Falls, and the rest of The Vampire Diaries, in a whole new way.

Phantom Universe by Laura Kreitzer

Thanks to Obsidian Mountain Publishing!

Coming February 15, 2011!

Sold into slavery to pirates at the young age of four, Summer learns to survive the rough seas of subterfuge and thieves through silence. When the boat she’s lived on most of her life is destroyed, Summer finds herself washed up on the shore of a new world, a phantom universe full of the bizarre and extraordinary. She meets Gage, the one boy who understands the girl with no speech. But when their lives are put on the line, will Summer finally call out? Or will all be lost in the fathomless depth of silence?

I've already read Rising Shadow and really enjoyed it -- it was very unique mythology. I'm also really excited about the Smart Pop Books. I'm such a nerd, but essays on pop culture sound really exciting to me! I love "Vampire Diaries, Twilight and "Gilmore Girls, so I can't wait to see what some of my favorite authors have to say about the phenomena. Finally, Phantom Universe has arrived! I love Laura's Timeless series, and Phantom Universe marks her foray into YA -- with yet another refreshingly original premise. I can't wait to read it!

What's in your mailbox this week?

Descriptions from Goodreads and Smart Pop Books. Click the hyperlinked titles to purchase or preorder.


basma aal said...

I never heard about these books. Looking forward to your reviews.

Amelia Robinson said...

These look awesome! Have you already reviewed "Rising Shadow"? I didn't see it on your list of reviews. I'd love to know what you thought of it. :)

Happy reading!

My Mailbox

elodie2310 said...

I hadn't heard of these books before !! So thank you Casey !! I hope you'll have a great time reading them !! Here's my IMM if you'd like to take a look at it : !!
Elodie ;) !!

Mad Scientist said...

I have never heard of any of these books either.

Looks like you will be doing some reading on some reading. :)

Mad Scientist

Anonymous said...

I got Phantom Universe, too, looking forward to it! The other books look interesting, too, particularly A New Dawn; even though I'm not a huge Twilight fan it sounds interesting!

My IMM is here, if you're interested:

Have a great week!

BLHmistress said...

I would love to see the answers to all those questions - New Dawn sounds like a book I need to get.

Happy Reading

Jessica (Firefly Book Loft) said...

Soo I really want that Gilmore Girls book now. That's my favorite show ever and I had no idea that there was a book like that!
I'm glad you got it and posted about it!

Pisinat said...

Oooh Gilmore Girls is the best show ever! Lucky you!

Touloulou said...

I bought Coffee at Luke's last year, and only read a bit so far, but it's really good. If you enjoy Gilmore Girls, you'll love that book.

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