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Guest Post: Author Caroline A. Shearer (Adventures of a Lightworker) & Giveaway

Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date by Caroline A. Shearer is the first in a new series about a woman's crusade to teach the world about love, one mystery and personal hang-up at a time.

In a Stephanie Plum meets New Age-style, "Dead End Date" introduces readers to Faith, a young woman whose dating disasters and personal angst have separated her from the reason she's on Earth. When she receives the shocking news that she is a lightworker and has one year to fulfill her life purpose, Faith embarks on her mission with zeal, tackling problems big and small - including the death of her blind date. Working with angels and psychic abilities and even the murder victim himself, Faith dives headfirst into a personal journey that will transform all those around her and, eventually, all those around the world.

A fun, fast-paced metaphysical mystery!

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Studies consistently show the vast majority of people believe in angels, and one doesn’t have to look far to find examples of people who believe they have been helped in some way by an angel. Many will even say angels have saved their lives!

I was taught about the existence of angels from a very young age, and I even have a framed picture from my childhood of the famous scene of an angel guarding two small children who are crossing a bridge. I was raised to believe I had a guardian angel who was always with me, and I welcomed that idea. Perhaps because of this, I always have felt protected, in all situations.

As I became an adult and began looking into this concept of angels, there is much that I have brought into what I consider “my truth.” I still believe in guardian angels, and now I believe that most people have at least two angels with them at all times. I believe we can call on more angels any time we want, and they will respond immediately. I also have come to understand the real significance of “free will.” We are here to evolve our souls, and as such, we have to ask angels to help us, or they will simply lovingly support us from the background. The exception to this would be in the case of an emergency.

In my (funny to me) way of thinking, I interpreted this piece of knowledge as, “Hey, my angels must get bored when I forget to ask for help!” Ever since then, I have made specific efforts to ask for help, understanding my angels will act when it is for my highest and greatest good.

One way angels help me all the time is with my worries. I used to be a worrier, but I began asking my angels to hold on to my worries for me. That way, if my freaking out side pops up, I know my worries are still technically there, but in the meantime, I know I can release them and move forward with whatever is positive in my life. It works really, really well!

Right now, this very moment, you can close your eyes and talk to your angels. It is that easy! Listening can take some practice, but we can all do that, too! Angels will communicate in whatever way you are able to receive it – so that may be with a song on the radio, a sign on the side of the road, a sentence you just happen to overhear in a crowd ... Be open to receiving their messages, and you will find them!

Now, what does all this have to do with me, and my guest post? Well, angels appear in my mystery novel, “Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date,” and my main character, Faith, has a special relationship with them. It is a fun and eye-opening mystery – I hope you’ll read it!

Bestselling Novelist Caroline A. Shearer is a fresh spiritual voice for our generation. She established herself as a writer in virtually every medium possible - and then finally got around to fulfilling her own life purpose.

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Thanks so much to Caroline for this great guest post! Many thanks as well to Michelle Mastick at Absolute Love Publishing for arranging this tour and for providing an ebook of Dead End Date for giveaway!


One lucky reader will win an ebook of Adventures of a Lightworker: Dead End Date by Caroline A. Shearer. The Kindle version can be downloaded to a computer and works on Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, PC and Mac.

To Enter:

Leave a comment answering the question:

Do you believe in angels?

Don't forget to include your email address so that the publisher can email your ebook to you!

Contest ends 11:59 PM EST on December 17, 2010.

Good luck!


Moonlight Gleam said...

I do believe in angels and miracles. I guess I should say I believe in guardian angels mostly. Some of my closest relatives and friends have gotten injured or sick and have healed in the past when others said they wouldn't. So yes I do. :)

from Canada


Books and Bane said...

I'd like to but no, I suppose I do not. I really wish I did though!!

nedsped at verizon dot net

CiNdY said...

AbSoLuTeLy!! :D

Onge said...

I know there are people from the other side helping us. I don't believe they have wings but I do know they exist!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Vivien said...

I do not believe in angel.

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

lisa :) said...

There is so much in this world that we can not understand or explain, so I definitely believe in angels. I too was raised to believe in my own guardian angel, and even if that's not *quite* how it works, I still love the comforting sentiment.

As well as in the literal sense, I've also seen real people go out of their way and perform exceptional acts of kindness and generosity and to me that classifies them as angels on earth!

Thanks for the giveaway, the book sounds really interesting!
herbookself at gmail dot com

Amy said...

I believe in angels and even angels in human form. I don't know how their appearances are (whether with or without wings), but I believe they are there.


Anonymous said...

Yes I do believe in angels. :D

jusiplabninsky at yahoo dot com

jhitomi said...

I don't in reality, but I would like to be proven wrong. It's like ghosts; I don't really believe but all it would take is one sighting to change my mind.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Aik said...

Yes, I do believe in angels.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Reading mind said...

I believe in angels but not in guardian angels. I believe there is something, someone up there helping God but I also believe that people have to go on life depending only on themselves. But since I do believe there's evil in the world, it's kinda natural to believe there must be a counterpart to keep the balance.

Reading mind said...

I forgto my email

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