Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review: Shadow Days, A Nightshade Novella by Andrea Cremer (Fall Into Fantasy)

Shay Doran has spent his whole life moving from town to town, trailing after his high roller uncle as he chases each new business deal. So when his uncle announces it's time to move "home" to the family estate, Shay is stunned - not least of all because he didn't know there was a family estate. Shay's excitement is short-lived, however, when he discovers that Rowan Estate is a monstrous old mansion in the sleepy mountain town of Vail, Colorado - and he'll be living there alone. There's something creepy about Rowan Estate, and when things start going bump in the night, Shay is determined to find out what it is. But what he discovers will have consequences that reach far beyond the walls of the ancient mansion.

Shadow Days tells the prequel story of Shay's days leading up to his first encounter with Calla at the beginning of Nightshade. This novella was a terrific addition to the Nightshade world, giving readers the chance to get to know Shay firsthand. He is an incredibly realistic character, beautifully written in a balanced and believable way. Shay is, at heart, just a typical teenage guy. He has typical teenage guy thoughts, but he tries his best to be decent - which is incredibly endearing. The way this novella collides with the reality of the Nightshade promo further brings Shay to life and makes the reader feel like they might meet him walking down the street. Shadow Days maintains the intelligent references that were such a great addition to Nightshade, and the allusions to the longer novel are a playful wink at anyone who's already read the book. Andrea Cremer deepens the mystery surrounding Shay's uncle and the Rowan Estate, while simultaneously clarifying Shay's own personality. The novella maintains and even intensifies the spooky atmosphere that pervades Nightshade and serves as a great segue into the novel. While this novella was clearly written for the promo, the beautiful descriptions and added character depth it presents are enjoyable and fascinating - a great way to stay in the Nightshade world while awaiting the sequel, Wolfsbane.


Shadow Days is available to read online!

You can also read my interview with Andrea Cremer!


Anonymous said...

I like how Shadow Days gives a little more insight to Shay and his life before Nightshade. The build up is perfect, because once I finished reading SD I immediately wanted to pick up Nightshade.

I'm glad you decided to review this :)

Aylee said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Never even knew it existed. Will definitely read after Nightshade!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I've been meaning to read this because I loved Nightshade, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I will definitely be reading it soon though. Thanks for the little review =)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh! This is really cool! I didn't know there was a prequal novella out for this series. Great review too! Thanks for letting me know.

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