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New Release Roundup: November 21 - 27, 2010

November 23

Invisible Things by Jenny Davidson

Sixteen-year-old Sophie knows there is more to the story of her parents' death. And she's on a mission to find the truth. To aid her in solving the decades-old mystery, Sophie has enlisted her best friend, Mikael, whose friendship has turned into something more. It's soon clear that Sophie's future is very much wrapped up in the details of her family's past, and the key lies with information only one man can provide: her parents' former employer, the elusive billionaire Alfred Nobel.

As the threat of war looms in Europe, dangers to Sophie and her loved ones grow. While her determination to solve the mystery doesn't waver, forces beyond her control conspire to keep her from her purpose. Then, news of her great-aunt Tabitha's death sets off a chain of events that leaves Sophie questioning everything.

The more Sophie learns, the more she realizes that nothing—and no one—in her life is what it seems. And coming to terms with the dark secrets she uncovers means imagining a truth that she never dreamed possible. Full of gorgeous settings, thrilling adventure, and romance, invisible things is a novel that dares to ask, what if?

Only his father knew that Rigg possessed the power to see deep down the paths of people's pasts. But it was only after his father died that Rigg discovers that he has another special gift: the power to change the past. Unfortunately, with that knowledge, all certainty and safety began to melt away. Thinking of it as a coming-of-age novel at triple speed.

Midsummer Night by Freda Warrington

A sensuous, suspenseful modern fantasy of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Decades ago, in a place where the veil between our world and the world of the Aetherials—the fair folk—is too easily breached, three young people tricked their uncle by dressing as the fey. But their joke took a deadly turn when true Aetherials crossed into our world, took one of the pranksters, and literally scared their uncle to death.

Many years later, at the place of this capture lies a vast country estate that holds a renowned art facility owned by a visionary sculptor. One day, during a violent storm, a young woman studying art at the estate stumbles upon a portal to the Otherworld. A handsome young man comes through the portal and seeks shelter with her. Though he can tell her nothing of his past, his innocence and charm capture her heart. But he becomes the focus of increasingly violent arguments among the residents of the estate. Is he as innocent as he seems? Or is he hiding his true identity so that he can seek some terrible vengeance, bringing death and heartbreak to this place that stands between two worlds? Who is this young man?

The forces of magic and the power of love contend for the soul of this man, in this magical romantic story of loss and redemption.

As a soldier, Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil. His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president's horrific premonition from becoming reality. Nothing—and no one—will stop him from fulfilling his duty. Especially the mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade's sister. Enemy or ally, he can't yet determine. But one thing he knows for certain is that he must keep her close. Very close.

Megan Fox's quest to uncover a family secret leads her to the center of vampire riots in West Virginia. To find the answers she needs—and clear herself of suspicion—she must join forces with Cole. They work undercover to bring justice, but they can't disguise the potent attraction and need that draw them together. Yet trust doesn't come easily for Cole…and when Megan unearths the grim, dark truth, can she trust him to believe her?

Doesn't Invisible Things sound amazing? I haven't read a lot of historical fiction, but this one is set at such a crucial moment in history, and it combines all sorts of intriguing aspects - romance, mystery, Alfred Nobel. Orson Scott Card is also supposed to be awesome - I really need to check out some of his novels!

What new release are you most excited for this week?

Descriptions from Goodreads. Click the hyperlinked titles to purchase or preorder.


♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

my MIL is a huge Orson fan. so when she heard about his YA debut she was really excited!!=)

SapphireReads said...

I read Night of the Vampires and thought it was a really good read. The mix of genres was great

The Slowest Bookworm said...

Midsummer Night has such a pretty cover. It sounds really interesting too. I've not come across this one before on the blogs.

Trisha Wolfe said...

Invisible Things, wow, I haven't heard of this one, it's sounds great. Thanks for the round up!

vampgirlx90 said...

THE INVISIBLE THINGS! seriously want to read this book NOW. sounds fantastic. plus she has red hair... which makes this book 500x better. you could say i have a bit of ginger pride :p

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Great list again! Midsummer Night sounds like a great read. And I have the first book of the series on my want list. :) I just need to get it. And do you believe I have not read any Orson Scott Card books. I think I need to get to one. ;) Thanks!

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