Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trailer Thursday: Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (Fall Into Fantasy)

There are three trailers for Personal Demons, which I think is a great idea! It's different, and it really fits with the three part cast of main characters in the novel. Usually there's the heroine as your protagonist and then the guys are sort of orbiting around her as interesting eye candy, but not really their own main characters. The great thing about the alternating perspective between Frannie and Luc is that it really is both of their stories. Then there's Gabe, who I wasn't really feeling for a while, but then something happened late in the book and he became a major player in the game for me. So I feel like they each have their own stories to tell and definitely deserve their own trailers. It really plays up the key aspect of the story.




Which is your favorite? I think I like Frannie's best because it encompasses the whole story, rather than just one character (don't get me wrong - I totally appreciate the focus on Luc and Gabe in the other two) but I think Frannie's gives the best sense of the book as a whole.

Check out Lisa Desrochers' blog for more info about Personal Demons!

You can also catch all sorts of great Personal Demons posts as part of Fall Into Fantasy - check out the schedule for the dates and details!


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