Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Into Fantasy Flashback: Week 1

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Fall Into Fantasy this week! I wanted to do a quick weekly wrap-up post so that readers could easily find things they missed and know what contests are going on! I'll also do a little preview for next week at the end.





The Book Vixen Nightshade Cover Redesign - ENDS MIDNIGHT PST TONIGHT!

This week had a lot of posts by me because I had already had them scheduled, and wanted to give the other bloggers time to read/write interview questions/etc. Next week there will be more diversity, though!

Next Week:

Monday: The Book Tease Andrea Cremer Interview
Tuesday: The Nerd's Wife Nightshade Review
Wednesday: The Nerd's Wife Andrea Cremer Interview and Nightshade Giveaway
Thursday: 365 Days of Reading Lisa Desrochers Interview
Friday: La Femme Readers Andrea Cremer Interview
Saturday: Literary Obsession Firelight Review

Throughout the event, I will also be doing Teaser Tuesdays and Trailer Thursdays featuring one of the 5 books each week. Since Nightshade is coming out on Tuesday (excitement!) I thought this would be a good week to feature it! If you've already read Nightshade and have a favorite quote that you think would make a great teaser, leave it in the comments!

I hope everyone is enjoying Fall Into Fantasy! We've got a lot of great posts lined up over the next couple months - you can see the complete schedule here.


lisa :) said...

Thanks again for hosting and organizing all this! It's already been really fun and it's only just beginning!

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