Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nightshade: You've Got Mail!

Yesterday, I got a package from a fictional character. Yes, you read that right. Not just any fictional character, but one of my latest literary loves. Shay Doran, brainchild of Nightshade author Andrea Cremer, has leapt off the page and into real life. Shay just moved into his uncle's creepy old mansion and is trying to uncover its secrets. He's already uncovered some clues and is blogging about his adventures - you can check it all out on his blog and Facebook page!

Here's what was in the package: 

A note from Shay

A 1909 copy of The Lock & Key Library: Classic French Stories

Inside, there were some strange designs:

This page appears to say: "water fire earth air erth CIAN"

I'm not sure what's up with the "erth CIAN" - if anyone has ideas, I'm all ears!

The second page:

This one says: "her spell after death made the power of the armies of the keeper bound to the most cruel combat and witchery"

Hmm...I wonder why "her spell" is circled in red?

What do you guys think all this means?

This is hands-down the coolest promotional strategy I've ever seen. I highly recommend following Shay's adventures on his blog and the clues on his Facebook to try and figure out the secrets of Nightshade. All of Shay's online adventures will be going into a prequel written by Andrea Cremer herself, and if you help Shay you could be in the story! Andrea Cremer's debut novel is amazing - I'll be reviewing it Monday, October 4, and interviewing Andrea on October 5. Nightshade hits shelves October 19!


Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I have really no idea what it means, but it's awesome! :) I will go on Facebook and try to find out some of the clues. Thanks for posting this!

StephTheBookworm said...

This is really awesome!

Cari said...

That is so awesome!

Lori said...

First I want to say that I am just a little jealous of everyone that got these! ;)

I think it's awesome! I loved the book but I have no idea what any of it means lol!

danya said...

This idea is so cool - very creative on the publisher's part (or whoever thought it up!) I've seen other bloggers getting these in the mail and also admit to being a little jealous :)

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