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Jane in June: The Jane Austen Tour of Bath

As part of Jane in June, I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of places in Bath, England that were featured in Austen's novels (specifically Northanger Abbey and Persuasion), as well as being places important in Austen's own life.

Northanger Abbey

The Edgar Buildings, where Isabella, John and the rest of the Thorpes stayed, and Catherine heard the news of her brother's engagement.

It is also where Sir Walter Eliott, in Persuasion, "counted 87 women go by, one after another, without there being a tolerable face among them."

Milsom Street, where the Tilney family stayed, and Catherine went to make her apologies to Eleanor.

Isabella Thorpe saw "the prettiest hat you can imagine in a shop window in Milsom Street just now - with coquelicot ribbons."

The Assembly Rooms, also known as the Upper Rooms in Northanger Abbey, where everyone went to socialize - including the heroine Catherine Morland.

"The important evenings came which was to usher her [Catherine] into the Upper Rooms. Her hair was cut and dressed by the best hand, her clothes put on with care, and Mrs. Allen and her maid declared she looked quite as she should do... The season was full, the room crowded, and the two ladies squeezed in as well as they could..."

A view of Beechen Cliff from the Royal Crescent, where the Tilneys and Catherine go for a "picturesque walk."

Pulteney Street, where Catherine stayed with the Allens.

Laura Place, from whence Catherine is tricked into going on a drive with the Thorpes and her brother, instead of on her planned walk with the Tilneys.


The Westgate Buildings, where Anne's friend Mrs. Smith lives "in a very humble way" in Persuasion.

(The sign is a little faded.)

The Gravel Walk was a favorite haunt of Austen's. It's also the "comparatively quiet and retired gravel-walk" where Anne and Captain Wentworth profess their undying love in Persuasion.


The Paragon Buildings, where Austen once stayed with her unpleasant aunt while in Bath.

The house in the Paragon Buildings in which Austen stayed on her first visit to Bath.

13 Queen Square, where Austen stayed during her trip to Bath in 1799 so that her brother Edward could use the "healing" waters.

By the time of Persuasion, it was no longer fashionable - Miss Musgrove tells her father, "none of your Queen's Squares for us!"

4 Sydney Place, the best-known Austen abode in Bath.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Come back tomorrow for my review of Northanger Abbey, as well as the details for the Jane in June Giveaway!

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SusanKMann said...

Beautiful photos. Great insight. Thank you x

Kelly said...

Bath is my home town, although I no longer live there, so it's great to see the pictures :)

lisa :) said...

It's so neat to see that many of the locations Austen wrote about are still around! Thanks for sharing such great photos!

Misty said...

This was great! I'm definitely going to lin kto it within the next day or two (as a little snippet or spotlight or something).

The Bookish Type said...

Thank you all!

Susan - Thank you! I'm glad you found it insightful! I've added some more quotes and comments to the captions, if you're interested in more info =)

Kelly - I LOVE your hometown! It is an amazing city! It's a city without feeling like a city. Love love love!

Lisa - You're quite welcome! I really enjoyed seeing the places and I knew they'd be of as much interest to fellow Austen fans, so I was eager to share them with you guys! I'm really glad you enjoyed them!

Misty - Yay! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed! =) Thanks again for doing this AWESOME event! I'm really having fun with it!

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Those are fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing them, I am hoping one day to an Austen tour over the pond. Until then though thanks so much for taking time to take the pictures!

Vatche said...

Wow, this a cool way of seeing the world as Jane saw it almost (since it's a couple years after she's lived there). It's awesome what you did for this post, because not only did you connect it to Jane Austen's own life but also with her stories by including the texts where the places were mentioned. Thanks for the awesome views and places, I look forward to reading your review.

Darlyn said...

I really enjoyed the pictures!

Talei said...

Ah love Bath! ;) And Jane Austen! Usually we do the Roman baths and run out of time for Jane's tour so I'm glad I found this! Lovely pics too! :)

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Everything looks so brown for Bath being such a sort of wild place in Jane's books!

American in Bath said...

Bath is my adopted home, and I love living here too. When money is short, I entertain myself by pretending to be in an Austin novel. One can only imagine what she would think of all that pavement and how easily one can get to Box hill. Thank you for the tour. I often forget how often Austin mentions Bath.

Ti said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on Pride & Prejudice. I simply cannot believe that Austen has never made her way into my hands. It's shameful really. I will fix that this summer.


anaivanus said...

It's an amazing tour! Thanks for your photos. I was really interesting in seeing them. I didn't know that so many places have a deep significance.

Libi Astaire said...

Thanks so much for posting the pictures. I was in England last week but didn't have time to go to Bath, so it was nice to have this virtual tour.

LilMissMolly said...

Thank you for sharing your pics. Bath looks like every other English City if you ask me, with little or not charm. I guess you could say, I'm a Persuasion girl like Anne Elliot. :D

tsue said...

Wonderful! I'm a fan of her work and it was delightful to see the pictures you've included in this post. Thank you.

God's gal said...

I'm a gigantic fan of Jane Austen now, sad to say I'm a little late. And I had the tour of Bath for my lit trip! It was as gorgeous as your pictures are. Thank you for posting them :)

skyla11377 said...

I am a HUGE Jane Auten fan and it was really awesome putting imagines together with pieces of the story. I really loved all the pictures.

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